Tunnel Master

Tunnel Master

Short Description:

48W / 70W


135-140LM/W for RA80, 140-150LM/W for RA70.


Ideal for
Tunnels and corridors, Enclosed Conveyor Belts, Enclosed Conveyor Walkways, Stairwells and platforms, Confined Spaces, Wall and Bulkhead lights, Switching Rooms.


Hinge structure easier wiring, installation and manintance.

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Robust and energy efficient replacement for conventional tunnel lights

Low profile light that provides unmatched performance for illuminating mining tunnels.

Built on the backbone of the , the Tunnel is both lightweight and versatile with the flexibility to fit many different applications.

The Tunnel is designed to provide the most energy-efficient way of delivering a level of luminance that far exceeds that of its comparable gas discharge lamp predecessors.




•Tunnels and corridors                                                •Enclosed Conveyor Belts
•Enclosed Conveyor Walkways                                     •Stairwells and platforms
•Confined Spaces                                                       •Wall and Bulkhead lights
•Switching Rooms



• Quality uniform light

• Variety of optics are available

• High IP and impact ratings

• Hinge structure with easier wiring and lost cost maintenance and installation

• Optional parts: Photocell sensor / turtle friendly amber/ green LEDs / 12-24VDC input / internal Emergency

Mining tunnel


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