Mine conveyor light- Freelander

Mine conveyor light- Freelander

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The original, highly reliable, field-proven conveyor light.

Freelander is designed to provide the most energy-efficient way of illuminating industrial conveyors and walkways. Raising the bar of performance and efficiency for industrial conveyor and walkway lighting.

The robust unibody design is both lightweight and versatile with the flexibility to fit many industry-standard spigot mount installations. Optional in-built daylight sensor will perform automatic switching between day and night modes to substantially decrease power consumption. Also available in Wildlife / Turtle Friendly Amber.

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Freelander, 48W emergency verison, IP66, dia. 34mm spigot mount fixture with integral driver and micro-optical system. Supplied with power supply cable and internal circuit protection. Select the LM6 aluminum body or 316 Stainless steel body version. CE ROHS ETL certified. Up to 12m spacing apart.


conveyor light


Quality uniform light.Variety of optics available

Solid body design

Unlike conventional conveyor lights Freelander was designed to withstand constant abuse.

Resistant to Vibration

Impact/Shock Proof


Chemical Resistant

High Pressure Washable

Unaffected by Severe Temperature Variations

High IP and impact ratings

Option for in-built day light sensor

Various CCT choices including wildlife / turtle friendly amber


Designed for the safe illumination of infrastructures such as conveyors, walkways, and platforms on mines, power stations, wharves, sugar mills, and general industrial plants.

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